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Our Dallas – Fort Worth team is consistently trained on the latest home automation trends and products, allowing us to provide tailored, first-class technology solutions that exceed our clients' expectations. Take a look at our six-step installation process below.


As your smart home consultant, it’s our duty to understand your preferences and expectations before recommending any solutions. Every smart home remodeling project kicks off with an in-depth analysis of your requirements. We’ll walk you through a set of questions aimed at defining the right products and strategies that align with your daily life or business operations. This often involves examining each room of your space, often through an on-site walk-through, to grasp how you’ll utilize each area. 

Custom Design

Once you’ve approved project specifications, we'll draft a plan with anticipated devices and functionality. This phase includes listing hardware models, prices, and labor needed. With Computer Aided Design (CAD) and project drawings, our engineering team creates a detailed plan for technicians and partners. This includes plans for low-voltage wiring, lighting arrangements, rack designs, and keypad details.


Low-voltage wiring is essential for all our technology integration projects. Our designs include the necessary fiber and copper wiring for AV, networking, lighting control, and surveillance systems. This infrastructure supports current needs and future technology expansions. We carefully select the right wire for each use and organize our structured cabling racks for straightforward maintenance and updates. We offer tailored solutions for both new builds and existing space retrofits.


Following the completion of engineering plans, we begin the smart home installation. Initial steps include setting up conduits, low-voltage wiring, and enclosures. Next, we install all specified equipment such as displays, keypads, and speakers, adhering to the original plans. Our knowledgeable and professional staff is well-versed in the specific installation standards of all our products. By following the design approved by you, we ensure the system is intuitive and reliable, meeting your performance criteria.


A project isn't finished until programming and system setup integrate your home technology into a unified platform. This crucial step ensures your home theater, lighting, audio, video, and surveillance systems communicate seamlessly in one smart home system. Our programmers apply their technical skills to craft an easy control experience through touchscreens, keypads, remotes, and smart devices. Recognizing the uniqueness of each job, we customize your system's interfaces to align with your project's specific features and functionalities.

Renovation & Remodeling

Looking for smart technology options in your existing residential or commercial space? We also provide smart home remodeling services and can update your infrastructure without the need for starting over or demolishing walls. Incorporate wireless shading, lighting, thermostats, and audio-video solutions to elevate your daily activities, all without lengthy or disruptive installations. Our DFW AV Pros team is skilled in navigating the unique challenges of retrofit designs and implementations. Based on your specific needs, we'll design a system that blends flawlessly with your current decor and technology setup.


Bring your vision to life with us. Get in touch today for more details and the next steps.

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