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Transform Every Corner of Your Home with Custom Automation

From the bedroom to the pool, explore how DFW AV Pros can enhance your everyday living.

Home Automation Solutions


Imagine all your home technology — lighting, surveillance, thermostats, and beyond—all controlled through one helpful interface. Explore the potential of smart home automation in your Dallas-Fort Worth, TX home.

Simplify daily routines with seamless control over your home's technology.

Access premium home entertainment across all AV devices. 

Enhance surveillance with detailed video and insightful analytics.

Experience unwavering, high-speed internet for both entertainment and smart control.

Immerse yourself in a custom-designed, comfortable home cinema experience.

Maintain your home's aesthetic with elegantly concealed tech solutions.

Whole Home Automation

Unlock the full potential of luxury living with effortless one-touch command and automation across your entire property.

Common Solutions
Smart Home Control · Lighting Control · Motorized Window Treatments · Climate Control · Multi-room Music · Smart Surveillance · Wi-Fi · Automated Door Locks
Sample Solutions
Modern house viewed from the kitchen

Lighting Control

Fine-tune the color temperature and brightness of smart LED fixtures to cultivate the perfect ambiance.

Motorized Window Treatments

Manage all window coverings to enhance natural light, regulate temperature, and ensure privacy for your household.

Multi-room Music

Let music follow you wherever you roam with a whole-home audio system that syncs to all your media sources.


Enjoy seamless, continuous network connectivity throughout your Dallas home, ensured by optimally positioned Wi-Fi access points.

Bar / Media Room

Gather friends and family for movie nights and game days with high-fidelity audio and 4K visuals that reveal themselves at the press of a button.
Common Solutions
Smart Home Control · Media Control · Lighting Control · Hidden Audio Video · High-Performance Audio
Sample Solutions
Game room with a pool table

Smart Home Control

Dazzle your guests with single-touch controls that perfect the lighting, cue the music, and start the game, creating an unforgettable night.

Media Control

Seamlessly transition entertainment from Netflix to PlayStation and beyond with straightforward, one-touch management of all your 4K-ready video sources.

Lighting Control

Shift the atmosphere to match any gathering, from extravagant cocktail evenings to laid-back pool afternoons.

High-Performance Audio

Make it sound like the band’s really performing in your home with a multi-channel audio setup.

Family Room

Create a comfortable, cozy atmosphere while simplifying audio and video controls for more time spent with the family.

Common Solutions
Smart Home Control · Lighting Control · Motorized Window Treatments · Media Control · Hidden Audio Video · Universal Remotes
Sample Solutions
Living room with white couches and a flat screen tv in the middle

Media Control

Stream favorite tunes, and pick a movie effortlessly—all through a single, streamlined interface.

Hidden Audio Video

Keep AV hardware out of sight with elegantly disguised Frame TVs, automated display lifts, and in-wall speakers, revealing them only when needed.

Lighting Control

Activate the ideal ambiance for movie nights, game days, or reading sessions with personalized lighting scenes that set the mood.

Dedicated Home Theater

Enjoy all the grandeur and excitement of professional theaters in your own private cinema.
Common Solutions
Smart Home Control · Lighting Control · High-Performance Audio · Video Projection · Theater Seating · Acoustic Treatments · LED Lighting
Sample Solutions
Home theater with custom seating

High-Performance Audio

Hear every word of dialogue and subtle sound effect with ultimate precision.

Lighting Control

Craft the ideal cinematic ambiance with programmed lighting scenes that help you safely navigate around the room.

Video Projection

Experience cinema-quality viewing with advanced 4K projection technology, delivering vibrant colors, perfect contrast, and sharp details in every film.

LED Lighting

Customize your home theater with unique LED lighting, from strip lights to sconce fixtures, adding a stylish flair to furniture, ceilings, or pathways.

Pool / Spa

Transform your backyard into the ultimate retreat with effortless pool and spa automation. See how you’ll control the ambiance to perfection with integrated audio and lighting systems.
Common Solutions
Lighting Control · Outdoor Entertainment · Surveillance · Wi-Fi · Underwater Audio · Pool & Spa Automation · Outdoor Lighting
Sample Solutions
Outside view of a modern house with a big pool and fireplace

Outdoor Lighting

Liven up your outdoor spaces with intentionally-designed landscape lighting that automatically adjusts on schedule.

Outdoor Entertainment

Extend your entertainment outdoors with vivid, anti-glare 4K displays and crystal-clear surround sound systems designed to withstand any weather condition.

Underwater Audio

Immerse in your favorite music even underwater with top-quality speakers seamlessly integrated into your pool walls, allowing for uninterrupted listening as you swim.

Spa & Pool Automation

Controls water features, lighting, and more while automating pool equipment for hassle-free maintenance.


Make the patio your favorite space to gather with high-fidelity outdoor audio, smart shading, and ambient lighting control.
Common Solutions
Smart Home Control · Lighting Control · Weather-Proof Video Displays · Outdoor Lighting · Outdoor Audio · High-Performance Audio · Wi-Fi
Sample Solutions
Patio with couches and flat screen TV

Weather-Proof Video Displays

Experience outdoor entertainment with weatherproof, anti-glare 4K displays designed to withstand the elements, ensuring clear and vibrant viewing.

Outdoor Audio

Enjoy your media outdoors with durable, high-quality speakers that complement your patio's aesthetic.

Lighting Control

Transform your patio and landscape lighting with a simple touch. Easily adjust dimming to craft the perfect ambiance and enhance security.

Outdoor Lighting

Take the party outdoors after sunset with elegantly tailored lighting fixtures that illuminate pathways and enhance your home’s architecture.


A strong network setup with strategically located access points guarantees consistent, strong connectivity across your entire property.


Bring your vision to life with help from our dedicated home automation company. Get in touch today to learn more and start next steps!

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